Conditions of Sale

Registered office: Via Ravano Snc, 03037 Pontecorvo (FR)
Laboratory: Snc Via Tre Fontane, 0303 Pontecorvo (FR)
Fiscal CODE. IVA CODE: IT 02590090607, REA number: 163 176 Companiess Register of Frosinone CCIAA
TEL / FAX 0776-760763
Mob Franca Di Pastena +39 340-7298020

This website was created for private consumer’s sale of fresh baked products and preserved products in compliance with Italian regulations concerning distance contracts. The sale is governed by the General Conditions of this website should be considered part of the sales contract. It therefore invites the customer before sending the order, to carefully read the terms of sale and the information contained therein, and print or save them. The sending of the order by the Customer constitutes acceptance of the conditions of sale in force at that time. If you are a returning customer, please enter your e- mail address and password, verifies the correctness of the data, choose the mode of payment and shipping and complete the procedure of order fulfillment by sending an email to – if you are a new customer, please fill in the customer card verifying the correctness of the data, choose the payment and shipping mode and complete the procedure of order fulfillment. Sending an email to, the order placed by the Customer in Baker of Pastena must be completed in its entirety and must contain the elements necessary to identify the customer and the products ordered, as well as an indication of the place of delivery, under penalty of nullity. To confirm of your order you will receive an e-mail with an identification code of the order. Remember to always quote this number in communications.

You can make purchases by choosing from the following payment methods
• Bank transfer, convenient and safe method especially if you have a checking account that is accessed via home banking of your bank .
The bank details for payment by bank are
IBAN IT……………………………………………………..
* Note: In the bank transfer, please remember to specify: purchase merchandise Baker of Pastena and order number to which the payment relates. Once we have verified the receipt of the transfer, the order will be processed.
• PayPal: the secure PayPal accepts Visa or MasterCard. At the end of the buying process, after submitting the order, you will see the button “PayPal pay now”.
For shipments outside the Italian territory only bank transfer.
The contribution of transport will be calculated according to the weight of the volume of products and to destination. Together with the product you will be receive the invoice and / or receipt of Tax ‘ purchase.

This is a distance contract pursuant to Art. 50 et seq. D. Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 (“Consumer Code “). The Contract for the sale of goods between Baker of Pastena. – Registered office in Via Tre Fontane snc, 03037 Pontecorvo (FR), CF / P.IVA: 02590090607 REA number: 163 176 – and the customer…………………………………………… The Contract is concluded directly through the acceptance by the Baker of Pastena a purchase proposal issued by the Customer by telephone or by the website through other systems of distance selling.

Product prices are inclusive of TAX.
Some products may be subject to limited availability; therefore, the acceptance by the Baker of Pastena of the purchase proposal submitted by the Customer is subject to the availability of the products in stock. The Baker of Pastena undertakes to promptly notify to the customer of any unforeseen depletion of stocks due to excess demand or other causes.
Baker of Pastena reserves the right to waive the sales and communicate such waiver to the customer within 10 days of receipt of the order.

Shipping costs are payed by the customer. See table, except accession by the customer to any promotion proposal from Baker of Pastena.

Shipping with Mail Boxes etc. or SDA. The delivery takes place (Monday to Friday) throughout the country within 4/5 working days following the date of shipment. Shipping costs include packaging.

For deliveries to Europe please write us an email: Delivery take place within 6/7working days from the date of shipment. The cost of shipping includes packaging in Europe.

Baker of Pastena ships of the products to the address given by the customer within a maximum of thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the Contract.
The contract is concluded at the time of payment as indicated.
Any complaint will be forwarded to the following address:
upon delivery, the customer must verify
● the integrity of the package and is not damaged or wet, which is in accordance with the normal characteristics of a pack.
● the correspondence of the number of packages as shown on the letter carrier.
● signing the delivery documents implies the unreserved acceptance of the products by the customer.
● any disputes must be raised immediately and the carrier, in the absence of these, the product is considered delivered correctly, all the documents contained in the package should be stored.
● the complaint of the package must be made before to the carrier that made the delivery if it is available by calling a toll-free number or any other number made available, or the nearest office. Then send via email contestation in or by fax number, TEL / FAX (039) 0776-760763 with photos, time and day of delivery, number of practice issued by the courier that made the delivery.
● No claims will be accepted more than 5 days of receipt merchandise.
If the merchandise is visibly damaged (broken packaging, leakage of product), at the time of delivery by the courier, it is recommended to reject the pack.
Baker of Pastena will send you back the products intact.
In case of delivery of an order through several units, it is sufficient to reject the package containing only the damaged goods and write on the bubble “with reserve.”
Baker of Pastena will replace only the damaged goods arrived.

The right of withdrawal may be exercised within 10 working days from receipt of packs (Article 65 paragraph 2 letter a of…). The right of withdrawal is met if; within that period, Baker of Pastena has received notice of the intention of the customer. The notification shall be sent by e-mail at or fax number (039) 0776-760763
Customer who want to exercise the right of withdrawal must return the products to the address indicated on the invoice , by following the instructions included therein , within 10 days of receipt of products . Pursuant to Article 55, second paragraph, of the Consumer Code, the Customer shall have no right of withdrawal in the following cases:
- the supply of products tailored or personalized or which by their very nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly (example: fresh food); Baker of Pastena will return within 30 days from the date of receipt of the products by the customer: OR the full price paid by the customer in case of return of the undamaged product , OR the equivalent part of the price of the product returned by the Customer that it has not consumed appreciably and / or likely to detract from the value.
The products must be returned in its original packaging with the wrap that ensure its integrity during transport.
Shipping costs are payed by the customer.

Prices of the products listed in the various sections of this website are inclusive of TAX. The prices applied to the Customer are those indicated on the website at the time of the order.
The prices of the individual products are subject to change and, therefore, time to time, listed on the website, cancel and replace those previously indicated.
The price of the products purchased, together with the cost of delivery, must be paid by the customer when ordering online, by bank transfer.
The Billing will be released from Baker OF Pastena at the time of delivery.

Baker of Pastena srl, within the limits of availability as covered above, guarantees that the delivered products are equal to those shown and described on the website. Baker of Pastena srl also ensures compliance with all rules regarding the production and storage of Products until the time of delivery at the place specified in the order. Baker of Pastena srl assumes all responsibility as a manufacturer, the accuracy and completeness of the information given on the packaging.

Customer represents and warrants that: ( i) to be a consumer in accordance with art. 3 of the Consumer Code , (ii) to be of legal age for on-line shopping , and (iii ) that the data supplied for the execution of the Agreement are true and correct.