About Us

The history of Forno Di Pastena begins many years ago when mother Teresa, like many of her peers, kneads and bakes bread and cakes into her wood-fired oven that will delight and feed her family for days.
from that moments, little Antonio, inquisitive child and already a keen observer , felt that behind those simple , delicate and decisive movements there is much more that the production of bread for the week, there is ART, Taste and Tradition to preserve and to pass .
Little Antonio grows, learns the art of bread and pastry from her mother Teresa who broadcasts all his knowledge and all his cookbooks.
At some point in his life, Antonio meets Anita, brilliant and hard-working woman, and together, after many sacrifices and privations, they finally crown their dream of opening their wood-burning bakery Forno Di Pastena.
Until 1999 Forno Di Pastena has proven to be a different baker from the others, able to evoke the traditional flavors of farmer bread and old cakes, rich in flavor and heady goodness.
Our recipe, unique and inimitable, is simply based on the use of carefully selected ingredients, on processing manual, on the high skills of our team that cooperates closely for years, and the exclusive cooking in a typical wood-burning oven.
Simplicity, handicraft, Authenticity, Passion, Kindness and especially Love for Tradition are the key to our success and the source of inspiration for a continuous search of new flavors.
Over the years, in fact , our company has expanded greatly its production, today it can claim a wide range of bakery products, pastries and biscuits, pizzeria, delicatessen , without forgetting the traditional local products “ciociari”.
For us in the Forno Di Pastena make bread, pizza, cakes is a passion and satisfy the customer is not a requirement but a Pleasure!

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