Casata of Pontecorvo

Typical Product Casata di Pontecorvo


The casata of Pontecorvo is included in the list of the Lazio Region – Traditional Products in the province of Frosinone; it is typically Easter sweet ciociaro in the town of Pontecorvo.
It is a very special cake parfait with a sweet and slightly salty flavor, the ingredients are made from eggs, Caciotta, cedar and dark chocolate; shear has three characteristic layers of three different colors: yellow for the egg, white for the cheese and brown for chocolate.
Its name is derived by the main ingredient:  the cheese. The tradition traces its creation to the Pope’s visit to Pontecorvo ( papal enclave at the time), it is no coincidence that the colors of sweet reproduce, in the original recipe without chocolate, white and yellow papal flag.
The casata has a very particular taste, who has tried it once he can no longer do without it.
This fuels our belief that food is not only a vehicle of genuine well-being, health and pleasure but also a cultural vehicle, local products can be considered as true ambassadors of the territory ciociaro.



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